Bachelors in Computer Application

The BCA programme provides student with necessary skills to make successful in his career as an IT professional or to become an aspiring entrepreneur. The course also includes number add on courses from industry experts to deliver niche and on demand IT skills for enhancing the placement opportunity of students.  The course also prepares students to pursue higher studies viz. MCA, MS in computers, MBA, etc.

The Department of Computer Science aims to equip students with the latest knowledge in computer application. The department realizes the great potential of the course and strives to make it relevant and practical. It regularly conducts field trips to major IT giants and also creates a platform for interaction with IT professionals to ensure that students have hands on experience of the world of computers. The Department is well equipped with a computer laboratory and is manned by efficient administrative staff. The faculty members are proficient and strive to ensure that our students are at the cutting edge of computer technology.