Department of Administration

The Administration Department at Seshadripuram College Tumakuru serves as the backbone of the institution, meticulously managing various aspects of its operations. With a commitment to efficiency and excellence, the department oversees a wide range of administrative tasks, including admissions, student affairs, faculty support, facility management, and financial operations. Through strategic planning and effective coordination, the department ensures smooth functioning across all academic and non-academic areas, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth. Committed to providing exceptional service, the dedicated team in the Administration Department strives to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders with professionalism, integrity, and responsiveness. Their efforts contribute significantly to the college’s mission of academic excellence and holistic development.

The Administration & Finance Division forms a crucial cornerstone within academic institutions, consistently striving to cultivate an environment that surpasses the expectations of our patrons and stakeholders. We highly esteem the contributions of a diverse workforce, ensuring that all members of the College Community are treated with equity, respect, and dignity.

Quality is pursued through a strong and innovative foundation of fiscal support, customer service, a diverse, loyal and quality workforce, and a safe and welcoming physical environment. We strive for excellence in all we do.

To ensure relevance, alignment, and community support, we facilitate effective administration in a timely and accurate manner. Additionally, we respond to inquiries courteously and respectfully.

Staff Details

1Mr. REVANNASIDDESHA VBCOMAccountant9535351378
2Mr. ARUNA M DM.COMAccountant9743636028
3Mr. UMA SHANKAR K SBAOffice Assistant cum Typist8904969793
4Mr. ABHISHEK T MM.COMOffice Assistant8904402095
5Mr. JAYANTH VMSWComputer Programmer7899746265
6Mr. SRINIVAS RITIElectrician9739172078
7Mr. VIJAYA KUMAR D PM.COMOffice Assistant8151023429
8Mr. NAVEEN CSSLCAttender8217420984
9Mrs. VINUTHA SSLCAttender9902066312
10Mrs. MAMATHA SSSLCAttender8277596197
11Mr. PAVANKUMAR PITIAttender8197631170
12Mr. RAKESHA B RBCOMAttender8970501554
13Mr. PERIYAN KUMARSSLCHelper7353415514
14Mr. KUMAR M SSSLCTransport Supervisor9480859650
15Mr. MANJUNATHA K PUC Driver9008681171
16Mr. NAGARAJU K NSSLCDriver7795278581