Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging

The Antiragging Cell at Seshadripuram College, Tumkur, is a dedicated entity committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for students, free from any form of ragging or harassment. The primary objectives of the Antiragging Cell are to foster a culture of respect, understanding, and camaraderie among students, promoting a positive and inclusive atmosphere within the college community.

The Discipline and Anti-Ragging Cell serve as the moral police of our college, and its responsibility is to ensure that students maintain discipline in the classrooms and within the college campus. Members of the cell regularly conduct rounds in each classroom to take note of any errant behavior and ensure that the college campus is free from ragging and eve-teasing. The Cell takes severe punitive action against students indulging in such heinous activities.

Antiragging Cell Initiatives

  • Prevention and Awareness: The Antiragging Cell works tirelessly to create awareness among students about the detrimental effects of ragging on individuals and the overall college environment. Through workshops, seminars, and orientation programs, students are educated about the consequences of ragging and the importance of fostering healthy relationships.
  • Swift Response and Resolution: In the unfortunate event of any ragging incident being reported, the Antiragging Cell takes prompt and decisive action. It ensures that complaints are thoroughly investigated, and appropriate disciplinary measures are taken against the perpetrators. This swift response sends a clear message that ragging will not be tolerated within the college premises.
  • Counseling and Support: The Antiragging Cell is also responsible for providing support to victims of ragging. Counseling services are made available to help students cope with any emotional or psychological distress caused by ragging incidents. This ensures that victims receive the necessary assistance to overcome the trauma and continue their academic journey without hindrance.
  • Regular Monitoring and Evaluation: The Antiragging Cell continuously monitors the college campus to identify and address any potential ragging activities. Regular evaluations are conducted to assess the effectiveness of preventive measures and to implement improvements in the antiragging initiatives.
  • Collaboration with Authorities: The Antiragging Cell collaborates with local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and other relevant bodies to strengthen the fight against ragging. This collaborative effort ensures that legal procedures are followed, and stringent actions are taken against those found guilty of ragging.

Committee Members

ChairpersonProf. Jagadeesha G.T
Co-OrdinatorProf. Sreenivas B R
MemberProf. Mahanthesh B S
Student MemberMs. Anusha
Mr. Naveen