CO’s and PO’s

Programme Outcomes and Course Outcomes

Seshadripuram College in Tumakuru has meticulously structured its Programme Outcomes (POs) and Course Outcomes (COs) to align with the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and the National Education Policy (NEP) scheme mandated by Tumkur University. This alignment ensures that the academic offerings are not only in compliance with the latest educational reforms but also cater to the holistic development of students. The CBCS framework promotes flexibility and a learner-centric approach, allowing students to choose courses based on their interests and career goals. Meanwhile, the NEP scheme emphasizes skill development, interdisciplinary learning, and critical thinking. By integrating these systems, Seshadripuram College aims to enhance the academic experience, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required for the dynamic global landscape.

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CO’s and PO’s details

  1. CBCS Scheme

  2. NEP Scheme

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Standard Operating Procedure of Measurement of PO’s and CO’s

SOP of CO’s and PO’s