Your Gateway to Intellectual Debates

DEBSOC, initiated by final-year BCA students at Seshadripuram College, Tumakuru, functions as a forum where students and enthusiasts can participate in discussions, debates, and improve their communication skills. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas, delving into various viewpoints, and refining the ability to express oneself confidently. Through dynamic debates and conversations, our goal is to help individuals overcome stage anxiety, develop into skilled public speakers, and acquire essential skills relevant both in academic and practical contexts. Join us in this enriching and enjoyable experience, where every opinion is valued!


Empowering students to become articulate leaders, adept communicators, and influential changemakers in society.


To enhance students’ critical thinking, communication and leadership skills through engaging debates and public speaking events.

Objectives of DEBSOC

  • Fostering a platform for students and enthusiasts to engage in discussions and debates.
  • Enhancing participants’ communication abilities through active participation.
  • Creating an environment conducive to sharing diverse ideas and perspectives.
  • Helping individuals build confidence in expressing their thoughts and opinions.
  • Facilitating the development of public speaking skills and overcoming stage anxiety.
  • Providing opportunities for skill development applicable in academic and real-world settings.
  • Cultivating a culture where every opinion is respected and valued.