The Sports Department at Seshadripuram College Tumkur stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a well-rounded and comprehensive platform for athletic development. With state-of-the-art facilities catering to both indoor and outdoor sports, the department is equipped to nurture a diverse range of sporting talents among the student body. The institution has garnered commendable recognition under Tumkur University, a testament to its commitment to fostering not just academic brilliance but also physical well-being and sportsmanship. The department provides a dynamic environment where students can engage in various sporting activities, promoting teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. This recognition underscores the college’s holistic approach to education, emphasizing the importance of sports in shaping well-rounded individuals within the academic realm.

It’s strives to be an all inclusive program that provides access and opportunity for its student athletes engages its community in review of regular program offerings and best practices coordinates with its community partners and place greater emphasis on sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle habits and safe exercise protocols.

The mission of the Institute is Sports and Games program is to offer an exceptional student-athlete experience which complements classroom learning and enhances the overall development academic, athletic, and social of each of its participating students. Along with the pursuit of excellence, developing our student-athletes into respectful, honorable, and responsible citizens of the community is a principle objective and vital component of our success.