Physical Education

To strive to be an all-inclusive program that provides access and opportunity for students to achieve in various sports discipline. To emphasis sportsmanship, healthy lifestyle habits and safe exercise protocols to improve overall well-being of students.

The mission of our Sports and Games program is to provide an exceptional student-athlete experience that complements classroom learning and contributes to the overall development—academically, athletically, and socially—for each of our participating students. In addition to pursuing excellence, we prioritize shaping our student-athletes into respectful, honorable, and responsible community members—a fundamental objective critical to our success.”


  1. To encourage students to engage in regular physical activity to improve overall health and well-being.
  2. To provide opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and abilities in various sports and
    recreational activities.
  3. To teach teamwork, leadership and other important life skills.
  4. Supporting athletes in achieving their highest potential through training programs, coaching, and access
    to resources.
  5. Integrating sports into educational curricula to teach lessons in discipline, perseverance, and goal-
Mr. Manohara A P
BA, M. P. Ed