(सहयोग) Students Advancing Humanity through Youth Outreach & Growth

Teacher- Student Outreach Initiative.

‘SAHYOG’ – Students Advancing Humanity through Youth Outreach & Growth – Teacher- Student Outreach Initiative. This program exemplifies the college’s commitment to fostering social responsibility and community engagement among its students and faculty. Through SAHYOG, teachers and students collaborate on various outreach activities designed to address local community needs, from educational support and health camps to environmental conservation and social welfare projects. This initiative provides students with valuable opportunities to apply their academic knowledge in real-world contexts, promoting practical learning and civic consciousness. By working closely with faculty mentors, students not only gain insights into effective leadership and teamwork but also develop a profound sense of empathy and commitment to societal betterment. SAHYOG embodies the spirit of collective growth and humanitarian service, reinforcing the college’s mission to cultivate responsible, socially aware citizens.


The main objective is to promote social service and creating awareness among youth about education, the Indian knowledge system, hygiene, and more. Our initiative aims to empower students to actively engage in community service activities that benefit society. We seek to educate youth about the importance of traditional Indian knowledge systems alongside modern education, fostering a well-rounded understanding of cultural heritage and contemporary learning.

The Context:

It operates within contemporary educational and societal contexts, focusing on promoting social service and raising youth awareness about education, Indian knowledge systems, and social service, & hygiene among deprived class. We encourage students to embrace community service activities, emphasizing both traditional cultural heritage and modern education. Sahyog aims to foster responsible citizenship and holistic youth development.

The Practice :

It organizes community service projects where students actively visit deprived classes of society in Kuripalya and P H Coloney, facilitating 25-days remedial classes to help these communities to excel in their exams. Students are involved in starting their own NGOs and startups like ‘Spot My krushi’ ‘Spoorthi Dhama’, ‘Sahabalve’ etc., offering support to the community which is laudable. We emphasize the blend of traditional cultural values with modern educational concepts. Additionally, Sahyog conducts workshops and campaigns to educate students about community health. Through these efforts, Sahyog aims to cultivate responsible citizenship and contribute to the holistic development of young individual

Problems encountered & resources required :

Offering service, creating awareness on education, cultural attitudes,gender roles, community engagement was a barrier. We faced challenges on youth engagement in community service amid competing priorities and awareness gaps. To address these, we need targeted engagement strategies, funding for integrated educational materials, cultural sensitivity programs, sustainable funding, robust monitoring, partnerships with local organizations, and better communication. These resources will empower youth to engage in community service while appreciating their cultural heritage and modern education.

Evidence of Success :

Sahyog has achieved significant success in promoting social service and educational awareness among youth. We’ve seen increased youth participation in community service, demonstrating a growing commitment to societal improvement. Our efforts in educating youth about traditional Indian knowledge systems and modern education have led to improved awareness. Tangible community benefits, such as better hygiene and educational support for deprived class is nurtured.