‘URDHVAMUKH’ grow beyond limits.., Entrepreneurship Development Cell of the College is established to inspire, encourage and motivate young minds to develop the ability of self-reliance and make them involved in entrepreneurial activity. Indeed, manifesting the power of youth and channelising them towards the growth and development of the nation in a multidimensional perspective is the primary concern of the Cell.

The ‘URDHVAMUKH’ of the College conducts several programmes such as Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits, Management Fest, Panel Discussions and Interaction with young Entrepreneurs etc. These programmes are focussed towards making the student fraternity more passionate towards entrepreneurial activities.


To make students to be self-reliant and contribute to the growth and development of entrepreneurship & Managerial skills..


To captivate students with necessary knowledge and skills and motivate them to become the best entrepreneurs.


The ED Cell of the college is established to accomplish the following objectives.

  • Identifying and encouraging the bright minds in the domain of entrepreneurship.
  • To conduct external activities which inspire students to become entrepreneurs.
  • Equip students in order to meet the industry requirements.
  • To guide students acquire necessary managerial skills required to run the organisation effectively.

To liaison and collaborate with various external agencies.