Women Empowerment Cell

Women Empowerment Cell

WEC is a proactive forum to empower women works on the basis of three A’s- acquisition of knowledge, awareness & action to be taken for empowerment. The forum conducts awareness programs on work-life balance, hygiene. The forum conducts classes on hand-craft.


To envision a world without Gender Inequality where equality is a norm not a privilege.


To empower female students and faculty to secure Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence.


  • To create awareness among female students about Gender Equality and Constitutional Provisions to protect Women’ right.
  • To teach students to be Self- Defensive.
  • To enable students to have greater control over their lives and to be able to make their own decisions.
  • Empowering girls to participate in economic and political process of the nation.
  • To promote physical and mental well-being of female students.

Formation of committee

ChairpersonProf.Jagadeesha G.T
Co-OrdinatorProf.Niveditha N
MemberProf.Anuradha K N
Student MemberMs.Keerthana P S
Mr.Dilip L R